Creating Bundle Option Dependencies

Bundled Mojo allows Magento administrators to easily create bundle products with dependent options with its intuitive user-interface. To create a bundle option with dependencies please follow the instructions below:

  • If you haven’t done so already, please log in to your Magento admin and navigate to the bundled product that you want to create bundle option dependencies for. If you do not already have a bundled product created, please create one at this time before continuing with the rest of these instructions.
  • From there you will want to navigate to the “Bundle Items” tab where you normally manage your bundled products.
  • Locate the bundle option that you want to add a dependency for and then find the “Depends On” drop-down select option for that bundle option.
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  • Once found, click on the “Depends On” drop-down select option and choose the bundle options that you want that particular bundle option to depend upon.
    • Every option except the one you are adding a dependency for will show up in the “Depends On’ drop-down select option.
    • You can add as many as you’d like.
    • Once a bundle option has been selected from the list of available bundle option dependencies it is removed from the list.
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  • After you’ve selected and associated all of your bundle option dependencies you need to save the bundle product by clicking the “Save” or “Save and Continue” button.