Understanding Dependent Bundle Options

Having a firm grasp of understanding how the Bundled Mojo dependent bundle options work and knowing the overall concept behind the functionality is pivotal. We will outline the functionality and key constructs in a list below.

Before we get started we would like you to take a look at the following screenshot which is of the bundle option “Depends On” multi-select field which you will use to add, edit, and remove bundle option dependencies. The outline below is directly related to the field(s) pictured in the screenshot.

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Outline of functionality and key constructs:

  • Although default out-of-the-box Magento functionality does not allow you to have different bundle options on a per store view basis, Bundled Mojo will allow you to have different dependent bundle options per store view. So even though your bundle options will not change from store to store, you will be able to have bundle options that depend upon the same or different bundle option(s) per store view.
  • The dependent bundle option functionality works for the most part independently from the bundle product option selections.
  • You can have dependent bundle options without having dependent bundle option product selections, but you cannot have dependent bundle option product selections without having a dependent bundle option first.
  • Bundle options can have multiple dependencies, and each option that it depends on can also have multiple dependencies; this chain can potentially be limitless.
  • Chained dependent bundle options do not necessarily need to be in order of each other. In other words, a dependent bundle option can depend upon a bundle option that is located directly below or above itself, or in this example, the sort order of 2, 4, 7, etc., bundle options above or below in the sort order hierarchy.
  • You can have bundle options that do not depend upon another bundle option alongside bundle options that do have bundle option dependencies.
  • When viewing a bundled product that contains dependent bundle options on the Magento frontend, bundle options that depend upon another bundle option will be disabled from customer selection until all of its bundle option dependencies have a valid selected product selection, at which point the bundle option will be enabled and available for customer selection.