Bundled Product Configuration

Bundled Product Configuration Overview

The Bundled Mojo extension is very versatile and allows a Magento admin to configure a bundled product on a per bundled product basis to operate differently from core Magento functionality. These configuration settings can be found while creating or editing a product in Magento admin in a new tab labeled “Bundled Config.” ... Read More

Bundled Product Add to Cart Configuration

The Bundled Mojo Magento Extension transforms the way a bundled product is processed when a customer adds it to the cart by allowing a Magento admin to determine if they want the bundled product added to the cart as a traditional bundle product where all bundle option product selections get ... Read More

Bundled Product Accordion Configuration

The Bundled Mojo extension makes it possible for Magento admins to easily enable or disable accordion functionality for bundle product options. This is key for merchants who have a large amount of bundle option product selections for sale in their catalog and need to tidy up the endless amounts of very ... Read More