Bundled Mojo Installation Instructions

Installing the Bundled Mojo extension is a breeze in most cases. If you encounter anything not functioning as intended, please contact support@mojomage.com and we will be able to assist you.

Bundled Mojo v2 Installation

For installation instructions pertaining to Bundled Mojo v2 please right-click save-as the following PDF document:
Bundled Mojo v2 Installation

Bundled Mojo v3 Installation

Note: This version is yet to be released.

Website Preparation:

  1. Backup your database before attempting to install not only the Bundled Mojo extension but any Magento extension that modifies or adds to the database schema. Bundled Mojo does not modify any core database tables; it creates custom, separate database tables strictly used for Bundled Mojo functionality.
  2. Log in to Magento admin.
  • Disable all Cache types.

Mojo Creative & Technical Solutions

  • Disable Compilation if enabled.

Mojo Creative & Technical Solutions

  1. Log out of Magento admin.
  1. Access your Magento installation directory where you want to install the Bundled Mojo extension and remove all of the contents within the var/cache/ directory.

Extension Installation:

  1. After downloading the Bundled Mojo extension from your customer account and extracting the file contents, enter the “Install” directory.
Mojo Creative & Technical Solutions
  1. From there, you will need to find the directory of your current Magento version and enter it.
Mojo Creative & Technical Solutions
  1. Copy the contents of “Step 1” into your Magento installation directory.
Mojo Creative & Technical Solutions
  1. Proceed to copy the contents of each “Step” in numerical order into your Magento installation directory until all steps have been copied over and completed.
Mojo Creative & Technical Solutions
  1. In a web browser, navigate to and open up the frontend of your website to force load, and then install the Bundled Mojo extension.
  1. Log in to Magento admin.
  • Enable the Get Some Mojo Bundled Mojo Extension within the System Configuration settings:

System → Configuration → Catalog→ Bundled Mojo → General Settings

OR you can access the same settings by going to:

CMS → Bundled Mojo → Configuration Settings

Mojo Creative & Technical Solutions

  • Within the Bundled Mojo System Configuration settings you will want to enable or disable jQuery and jQuery.noConflict depending on whether or not they are already being loaded and instantiated within your specific theme. If you are unsure, leave these two options enabled until further testing can be done to ensure whether or not these settings should be enabled or disabled.  TIP   If you are using the default Magento 1.9.x RWD theme (Madison Island), or the “Ultimo” theme for example, you will want to disable the loading of jQuery, but you will need to enable jQuery.noConflict(). If you need help determining this portion, please don't hesitate to contact customer support at support@mojomage.com

Mojo Creative & Technical Solutions

  • Save the Magento System Configuration settings by clicking on the “Save Config” button.
  • From here, you will want to confirm that the Bundled Mojo extension is working properly, to your own standards, by testing out various portions of the extensions functionality.  TIP   One item that would be a good litmus test is to check within your web browser whether or not the Bundled Mojo System Configuration settings saved within Magento admin. are rendering properly on the frontend of your Magento website.
  • If you wish to re-enable Magento Cache, please do so at this time.