Create a Template

To create a template you will need to navigate to the Bundled Mojo Template Management section and proceed with the following:

  • Click on the “Add New Template” button to your top right as seen in the screen shot below.
Mojo Creative & Technical Solutions
Mojo Creative & Technical Solutions
  • From here you will want to specify a “Template Name” and a “Template Description” that you can use to differentiate your templates from one another.
  • You will also need to choose which “Option Type” this template will apply to. Each template is unique per bundle option type (Checkbox, Radio, Select).
  • Configure the rest of the settings to your liking, and when you’re satisfied with the settings that you’ve set for this template click on the “Save Template” or the “Save And Continue” button.

To view which specific template settings are available per option type please refer to the documentation for each individual option type (Checkbox, Radio, Select).

You will find information regarding template specific settings below.

NOTE: Since every option type has its own particular settings that can be configured, there will be certain settings that may or may not be disabled depending on which option type you choose, or based on the various settings that you have chosen. For example, you will not be able to enter in a “Thumbnail Image Width” if you do not enable the “Show Thumbnail Image” setting.

Setting Value Type Default Value Description
Template Name varchar null Template Names are pivotal in administrators being able to identify templates while applying a template to a specific bundle option. The names should be somewhat descriptive to the type of template you’re creating so that you can distinguish it from the rest of the templates. Template Names are not unique.
Template Description varchar null Template Descriptions should be a short description about the type of template you’re creating. This description is rendered in the Bundled Mojo Manage Templates data grid with each template.
Option Type Checkbox / Radio / Select (text) Checkbox If enabled, the product selection name will be hyperlinked to its own product view page.
Status Enabled / Disabled (Boolean) Disabled If enabled, the template will be available to bundle product options in the “Frontend Template” select drop down when managing bundled product options in Magento admin.
Mojo Creative & Technical Solutions