Edit a Template

To edit an existing template you will need to navigate to the Bundled Mojo Template Management section and proceed with the following:

  • From the Template Management section you will want to find the template that you want to edit within the data grid and click anywhere within that template’s record set.
    Mojo Creative & Technical Solutions
  • After clicking on the template that you want to edit you will be taken to the same form that you were presented with when creating your template, except this time the form is pre-filled with the various settings that you’ve configured and saved.
    Mojo Creative & Technical Solutions
  • Configure the settings that you want to edit to your liking, and when you’re satisfied with the settings that you’ve set for this template click on the “Save Template” or the “Save And Continue” button.

Please refer to the Create a Template documentation for information pertaining to the various settings that can be edited and configured.